Meeting with Charly

I have always been passionate about cooking.


I was born and spent a large part of my childhood in Senegal, where I came from love for the smell, the colors and the freshness of my grandmother's cooking. I then grew up in the south of France which is the country of gastronomy. I developed my passion for cooking and its flavors there.


My first professional experience in the world of gastronomy dates back to my sixteenth birthday. I worked in Monaco for several years, in large tables such as the Quai des Artistes , the Café de Paris , Zebra Square or even Freddy's. So many beautiful addresses that allowed me to develop my love for Mediterranean, Provencal and Italian cuisine.


My passion for cooking has also allowed me to travel around the world. First country, the Netherlands and more precisely Goes , a small seaside town with atypical charm. I then had the chance to board the Crystal Serenity , a five-star cruise liner where I discovered the Caribbean and the United States.


Fallen in love with New York, I decided to try my luck there. Entered the kitchens of the Stanton Street Kitchen restaurant , I spent a few years there chaining experiences and memories. My trip was notably marked by my entry into La Mirabelle, an authentic French restaurant which gave me my chance and the freedom to demonstrate my talents.


Once the clientele was seduced, I wanted to try a new experience: chef at home. My New York clients trusted me and entrusted me with their cuisine, in which I was able to develop new recipes and test new flavors.


Back to basics. Back in my darling South. Despite my travels, I have not forgotten my roots and my love for Provencal cuisine. Installed at the Ogram restaurant, rue Dante in Nice, I continue to bring my personal touch, especially with my dishes inspired by Senegalese cuisine. I like to cook my Chicken Yassa , a dish marinated in onions, lemon and Dijon mustard. An explosion of flavors for the taste buds of my loyal guests.